Ukrainian production company LvivFilm was established in 2011 in the west-ukrainian city Lviv. Since then we were involved in production of several feature and short films, commercials and other interesting projects.

Our strongest sides : Tight Budgets, Effective Workflow, Creative Pre-Production, Fast Production & Strong Post-Production.

Members of our team were one of the most qualified professionals in Ukraine, and we are very proud that we had a chance to collaborate with them.

In 2012 we've established Lviv FilmSchool. In the last 2 years, over 380 filmmakers attended our courses. Some of the best became the part of our crew and our life.

Unfortunately, after 2013-2014 revolution in Ukraine, our country economy fell by more than 70%, and we had to suspend all our projects, close our office/studio, website and even our FilmSchool.

Because of economic & political situation in Ukraine is still not very stable, we've made a decision to work as a freelancers around the world.

Anyway, You still could contact us if you need a qualified assistance, freelancer or professional crew at any place on Earth.

Sincerely Yours,

Viktor Pyvovarchuk (Co-founder & CEO)


P.S. This is our last showreel (2013):